April 24, 2018 Meeting Minutes

St. Mark’s Area Civic Association
Minutes of the April 24, 2018 Meeting
The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM. There were 32 souls present.

President Doug Hurley introduced our new Mayor’s Neighborhood Liaison Patrick Fandel. He recently started his new position and is looking forward to working with the various civic associations in Dorchester. Patrick is from the south shore and is now living in Dorchester.

Officer Mike Keaney started out by saying “lock your cars and set the alarm!!” He couldn’t have been more emphatic. Mike noted that he didn’t have too much to report. On April 7 at 3;30am a man was at the foot of the bed of a woman resident. She screamed; he left quite promptly. On April 15 the Mass Market was robbed yet again at 6:15 pm. O’Brien’s Market was also robbed and the person got $110. June 16 is the bike rodeo from 10 – 1. More information to follow next month. Mike was asked about reports on domestic violence. He said there has been a spike in reports, and it’s only because more people are more comfortable in reporting it and word is out that it should be reported.

Joy Geary from Revision Boston Farms spoke about the organization, located on Fabian Street. It’s a place where nutritional food is grown and there’s composting on site. One may also buy Farm Shares. For more information contact her at [email protected] or at 617-822-FARM [3276]. Residents on the farm get to learn new skills and even kids work there, too.

James and Sheila McCabe, owners of 59 Lonsdale Street, presented their request for a full renovation of the building due to a 3rd floor fire, including a third floor dormer and internal plumbing with other interior improvements. The three units will become condos. There were 2 people at the abutters’ meeting and both approved. After a question and answer period, a vote was taken. The request was supported unanimously.

Chris Regan of 372 Adams Street will present his request to build a deck on the roof approximately 480 square feet and replace deck boards and railings on front porch with composite wood. There was no opposition at the abutters’ meeting. After a question and answer period, a vote was taken. The request was supported unanimously.

The final draft of the Development Guidelines were read and discussed. There was a one word change (grammar) and the guidelines were approved unanimously.

Per our bylaws, nominations that were made for officers at the March meeting were voted on. The following were had been nominated: For President – Doug Hurley; for Vice President (2 slots) – Maddie Ribble, Mike Folan, and Bryan Bryson; for Treasurer – Jim Rodenmacher; and for Secretary – Douglas Shaheen. [Note: Maddie Ribble subsequently withdrew his name after the March meeting; so that there wouldn’t need to be a secret ballot vote]. Before the voting started, Bryan Bryson removed his name, creating a vacancy for Vice President. The slate was voted unanimously. Maddie Ribble was then nominated to be voted on at the May meeting. Maddie’s nomination was supported unanimously.

Bryan Bryson reported that there were 70 volunteers for One Boston Day. They cleaned and planted flowers in the area.

There was a raffle for one ticket (valued at $40) for the Taste of Dorchester event. Edward O’Connor won the raffle and gave his ticket to Jacquie Bishop.

The meeting ended at 8:27.

Respectfully submitted,


Douglas Shaheen
Secretary, SMACA

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