April 25, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the April 25, 2017 Meeting.

The meeting was called to order at 7:08 PM.  There were 39 souls present.

Sgt. Brian Dunford and Officer Mike Keaney attended.  Brian said he is impressed with the turnout at SMACA meetings and the involvement and participation of its members.  Officer Mike said that it was a relatively quiet month, although a police officer was assaulted.  He brought up the shooting at Gallivan Blvd. and Granite St., although it is not in our area and said a person from Dakota Street was caught.  There were a number of questions, comments, and cited problems about traffic at that intersection, including people running lights, getting in the right-turn only lane on Granite Street and then rushing straight ahead through the intersection.  Mike said that there is a police officer there on occasion, but one can’t be there all day long.


President Doug Hurley announced the death of long-time member Millie Horn and had a moment of silence in her memory.


Christopher and Michelle Flowers Mitchell presented their request for a zoning variance at 110 Lonsdale Street for new heating, electrical work to be done on 1st and 2nd floor, remove load bearing walls, new bathroom, new kitchens, and extend living space into basement as per plans.  After the question and answer period and discussion a vote was taken to support the request with a unanimous vote.


Kaira Fox from Boston Shines spoke briefly about Love Your Block, the new name for Boston Shines, which will be held on Friday May 12 and Saturday, May 13. 


The owners of 11 Lafield Street did not show up for their appearance before the civic association for a zoning variance.


The Officer elections were held based on the nominations placed at the March 28th meeting.  The slate was elected:  President:  Doug Hurley, Vice Presidents:  Maddie Ribble and Mike Folan, Treasurer:  Jim Rodenmacher, and Secretary:  Douglas Shaheen. 


A number of names had been presented at the March meeting for possible Board members:  Rachel Fagan, Sydney Miller, Tri Pham, Camilla Duffy, Jackie Bishop, and Bryan Bryson.  All accepted except Bryan who may be taking a new job and moving out of the area.


There was a discussion about civic association boundaries and board member responsibilities.  The civic association boundaries are posted on the website in both map form and a listing of the streets.  A question was asked about where our $10 dues go.  Treasurer Jim Rodenmacher gave a listing of our expenses including postage and stationery, donations to St. Mark’s Church for use of their building (heat and wear & tear), donations to organizations like Project DEEP and the holiday tree lighting, toys to

C-11 Holiday party, expressions of sympathy to deceased members (2 this year) and website expenses.  A member expressed her opinion that she’s getting her $10 worth.


Aisha Johnson and Brian Ronan from Inspectional Services Department (ISD) spoke about their department and answered some questions about reporting violations, escalating responses, and whom to call with complaints.  Calls should begin with 311 to report the problem.  Aisha said to call her cell phone 617-869-6920 with problems getting a resolution.  Brian said that virtually any remodeling construction needs to get a permit from ISD, exceptions being simple projects like painting, plastering, wallpapering, and installing hardwood floors. 


President Doug announced that volunteers are needed to help maintain the Paul Murphy garden at the corner of Centre Street and Clementine Park.  Contact him, Doug Shaheen, or send an email to the civic association email address if you’d like to help.


Sean Cheatum from Councilor Andrea Campbell’s office announced that there will be a Dorchester Avenue visioning session (Melville Ave to Mercier Ave) on Thursday, May 11 at 6 PM at Alll Saints Church, 209 Ashmont Street.  All are invited.  Call Sean at 617-635-3131 with questions.


The meeting ended at 8:28.

Respectfully submitted,

Douglas Shaheen

Secretary, SMACA

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