April 30, 2019

Meeting Notes:
The meeting was called to order at 7:05. There were 32 people in attendance.

St. Mark’s Area Civic Association
Tuesday, April 30th 2019 at 7:00 PM
Upcoming Events:
Some upcoming events in the neighborhood you may be interested in attending
● Friday, May 31st at 6:00 PM
Chief Marshalls Dinner (Dorchester Day Parade)
Florian Hall (55 Hallet St)
For tickets call the Dorchester Day Parade Committee (857) 756-3675.
● Wednesday, June 12th at 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
Public Meeting on Bike shares in Dorchester
All Saints Church (209 Ashmont Street)
● All Summer Long!
Check out the City of Boston’s Parks Department Summer Events Guide
There are events in every neighborhood all summer long.
Meeting Notes:
The meeting was called to order at 7:05. There were 32 people in attendance.
Item 1: Police Report (C-11 Police Officer Mike Keaney)
Not a lot of activity in the neighborhood - continue to keep up the good
work. Things to note - there continues to be small robberies in the area
where people are checking car doors and stealing from them if they are
open. Please help the police and call if you see someone checking car doors
and please remember to lock your car doors!
Item 2: James Hobin (Art teacher at Boston International High School)
Art teacher James Hobin came looking for support for an art project he is
working on with the students of Boston International High School. The mural
is titled “Peaceable Kingdom” and depicts different animals together. When
finished it will be 10x20 feet. He is looking for letters of support to be sent to
the MBTA and is asking to have it displayed in the Ashmont Station. For more
on this project you can check out his website here:
For other MBTA projects James has worked on you can check out here:
He is looking for feedback on the project so if you ideas on the project feel
free to reach out to him!
Item 3: Jennifer Rowe (Blue Bikes, Boston Transportation Department)
Jennifer came to share a proposal for new Blue Bike stations coming to
Dorchester. There are 10 proposed sites in Dorchester that the City is
considering but they are still looking for more feedback. They are trying to
reach their goal of having every resident in the city of Boston live within 10
minutes of public transit (rail or bus) and within 10 minutes of a bike share.
Two of the proposed sites are in the area:
● On the corner of Roseland St and Dorchester Ave (right by the church)
● On the corner of Adams St and Lonsdale St
You can see more about the project here:
You can learn more about Blue Bikes (and their fares) here:
If you’d like to get more involved and learn about next steps for this project
there will be a public meeting for all of Dorchester on June 12th from 6:30 PM
- 8:00 PM at the All Saints Church.
Item 4: Elections for the Officers of the 2019/2020 year.
Nominations office were voted on and passed! Congratulations for our new
and returning Board Members:
● President - Doug Hurley
● Vice Presidents - Mike Folan and Laurie Martinelli
● Secretary - Eugenia Soiles
● Treasurer - Jim Rodenmacher
Item 5: Gina Yu (Eva’s Beauty and Skin Care, 1674-1680 Dorchester Ave)
Gina came to SMACA to discuss their plans to open a new beauty salon in
Dorchester. They were supposed to be at the ZBA hearing today but missed
it and are looking to reschedule. The owner currently owns a salon with the
same name in Chinatown. They are looking to expand to Dorchester because
more of their clients live in the area. They will offer all beauty treatments
including but not limited to: Facials, Massages, Waxing and other skincare
● 1 hour Massage =$65
● Facial = $50-60
If interested you can check out the YELP page for her current salon:
Item 6: Community Updates
● Patrick Fandel (Mayor’s Office)
This month Mayor Walsh announced his capital plan investments for the
upcoming fiscal year. He is putting 2.78 Billion dollars in make improvements
to our parks, libraries, schools and others. You can see the whole plan here:
Things to note in the plan:
○ There will be a investment to redesign Town Field
○ Improvements to Dorchester Parks like: Garvey, McConnell, and
○ Adam’s Street Library (Will close by the end of June to be rebuilt - may
take up to 2 years and programs will be moved to Fields Corner and
Lower Mills in the meantime)
Remember to come out to the Mayor’s Coffee Hour on May 7th at 9:30 AM!
You can hear from the Mayor and cabinet chiefs across the City.
● CJ (Councilor Campbell’s Office)
The Councilor is working on the budget. She is also hosting an upcoming
meeting at the Mattapan Teen Center on Constructing Peaceful
Communities. If you’d like to attend it will be on Friday, May 17th at 6:00pm
at the Mattapan Teen Center. She is also having a campaign kickoff on May
2nd at the Blarney Stone Starting at 5:00 PM.
● Julia (Councilor Baker’s Office)
Councilor Baker is also working on the budget. He will have his campaign
kick-off on May 1st at 6 PM at Lucy’s.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:20.
Respectfully submitted,
Eugenia Soiles

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