January 30, 2018 Meeting Minutes

Minutes from January 30, 2018 meeting.

Crime Report – store hold-ups, with guns. Robberies, cigarettes,

Dot Ave, 7-Eleven store. Hold-ups locally. Don’t have full report. Dot Ave / Wrentham area.

District 11, drug control, major cases, fugitives, inside stores.

Adams St local market, Ashmont Mkt

Kid with firearm, Codman Square. Stolen firearms from decades ago.

Trying to catch these guys. Couple planned robbery of guy. Caught the planning on video.

Street cameras – if you want to add one, we’d love the help.


Organ Donation, Steve

Consider registering, at least talk to family.


www.donatelifenewengland.org, 1-800-446-6362



411 Adams Street - Adams and Center, NW corner. Commercial to mixed use, with 2-family (?)

Rejected by ZBA, first floor business, add to back. Garage and storage, stairs to go up.

2 units, 2-beds, approx. 1200 each. Currently zoned commercial, but neighborhood is 2F, for 2-families. 29 feet high, < 35-foot limit. Everything around is 3-storeys. Current building is single-storey. Set-back violations. Building currently comes right up to the street on 2 sides.  Adding stair for emergency egress. Adding to back, for storage, etc. in yard. Existing printing business will stay. Not disrupting it. Feel they are consistent with neighborhood. Not taller or more storeys. Consistent.

Parking spot added in back yard to reduce impact on neighborhood.

(“Good people. Business owners would move into one of the units above the print/travel shop”)

Vote: 9 in favor, 3 against.


16 Nixon – no-one here to represent them.

Andy Duong. Came before last meeting. Presented. Has now had the abutter’s meeting.

Wants to rezone as 3-family residence. Within neighborhood overlay. Melville Park is in opposition to this arrangement. Sending letter to zoning board. Abutters are here. Work was already done, but hadn’t rezoned it in advance.

‘He has lied about how many properties he owns. Abutters would have been okay with 2-family, not 2-family. No abutters’ meeting, no notification. Zoned for 2-family, not 3-family. Abutters do not approve of this. Single family for 22 years.’

Vote: 1 in favor, 15 against


8 Argyle St. // 500 Talbot, Lutheran Church. Corner of Argyle and Talbot:

40 (5 studios, 24 1-beds, 8 2-br, 3 3-bedrooms) residential units. Commercial space. 23 parking spaces. 11 of the larger units. Younger people do Uber, Zipcar, Redline, and don’t own cars. Includes 5 affordable units. Leave some architectural details.

Shawmut and Ashmont T stations. Red line is the best line. Transit-oriented development. Between St. Mark’s, Melville Pk, Codman Sq, Ashmont. Well situated. Talbot has buses, etc. Tunnel cap project not certain, but may happen in future.

23 parking spaces, lowered ½ storey below argyle and sunken from Talbot. Like a garage below the building on Argyle. (I may have that backward!) Lobby goes through from Argyle to Talbot.

Higher at corner (4 storeys) and then step down to be more similar height to nearby 3-deckers. Look at varying the form and mass of the building. Different shapes and heights. Stay proportional toward the residential streets, and then more ‘dramatic’ on the Talbot side.

Info and can leave comments on Co-Urbanize website.

Article 80, small project review. There will be a large, required public meeting, required by BPDA, in addition to abutters’ meeting. Going around to several neighborhood and civic associations to talk about their plans and hear about any concerns.

Issue of handicapped parking for a local resident, as well as for customers of the commercial space and any residents of the new building.

Need some nice outdoor green space.

Looking forward to a new restaurant in the area. Also concerned about traffic in the area.

Some support for mixed use buildings on Dorchester Ave. Preferred to local neighborhoods. Adding lots of new units. Infrastructure issues. Also will impact traffic on local streets. Not all new occupants will be car-free young people. Need better transit, more reliable. Need to build transit capacity too.

Courbanize.com, 500 Talbot Ave.


Candace and ADSL, at Town Field.

Kids’ activities and programs.

Fund-raisers coming up. (See flyers!)


Notes taken by Sydney Miller, Board Member

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