January 31, 2017 Meeting Minutes

St. Mark’s Area Civic Association

Minutes of the January 31, 2017 Meeting.

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM.  There were 46 souls present.

Captain Connolly and Sgt. Burns attended and talked about problems in the last two weeks  The Captain said that Dorchester had been hit hard with B&E’s in all of Dorchester.  No patterns have yet been determined.. Mike Keaney said that we should take the usual precautions:  Lock doors, reinforcement locks, and lock windows.  Targets have been cash.  It seems that 8-10am have been the popular hours for B&E’s.  Last week there were 3 robberies, 3 B&E’s, and 3 aggravated assaults. The week before the statistics were 5-10-7.


Catherine O’Neil, a friend of Imad Zahreddine spoke on Imad’s request to apply for a used car dealership license for 3 cars.  Signs for the cars would only be displayed on the windshields.  Questions were raised about cars being parked on the sidewalk, but it was noted that the problem hasn’t happened in quite a while.  Also, once he obtains the dealership license, state rules kick in to govern his business.  After the question and answer period, a vote to support the request passed with a vote of 16 Yes and 7 No.


Joel Bissonnette of Champion Home Improvements represented the owner of 24 Nixon Street to extend living space into the basement for unit 1 and renovate with bathroom, laundry room, and open space. He noted that nobody showed up at the abutters’ meeting.  The extended living space will not have a bedroom, just open space for a media/family room.  Concern was raised that the owner was not at the presentation to answer questions.  After the question and answer period, a vote to support the request passed with a vote of 23 Yes and 1 No.


Doug George and Patrick Foley, developers for 34 Dix Street presented their request to erect a new 6 unit residential building with rear parking as per plans.  Existing building to be razed under separate permit.  There will be 6 condo units with 9 parking spaces.  Each unit will have 2 bedrooms and 2 baths, selling at market rate.  The height will be 33 feet, although 35 feet is allowed.  The plan is to start later in the summer and complete the project in 8 months, finishing a year from now.  After the question and answer period, a vote to support the request passed with a vote of 23 Yes and 2 No.


Dave Cotter from the Mayor’s Office spoke about the Glovers Corner project.  The plan is to develop underutilized land that has lots of industrial space.  A survey will be coming out to see what people want to see in the area.


Joe McEchern from Frank Baker’s Office asked people to call him at 617-635-3455 with their budget priorities for next year..


The meeting ended at 8:35.

Respectfully submitted,

Douglas Shaheen

Secretary, SMACA

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