June 2015 Minutes

St Mark’s meeting minutes

Ken Donovan, VP (taking notes), with Mike Folan, VP.


7:05 pm Doug Hurley, President, convened the meeting. Welcome and intro comments.

7:10 Officer Keaney presents BPD update.

Dot & Wrentham, unarmed robbery. Shots fired at Dracut and Dorchester Ave. Shots fired at

Leslie Street and Center Street. Bike program was a big success last month.

7:18 Epiphany School (Jack Findlay) present updates on the project

● Creating community space

● Training space for teachers and kids

● Michele (Teacher) spoke about what the program does for children and families.

● Mike spoke about the new 25,000sq ft building and the meetings with immediate

neighbors to direct the construction.

● Amount of parking reduced for green space.

Jack talked about the additional $750k $1mil in renovation to the existing structures and the

history of the site.

Questions from the members: Parking and green space.

There will be somewhat less green space than now, but more than was in earlier drawings.

Two parking areas with an offstreet dropoff, pickup.

Some members inquired about soil testing on the site, referencing previous known pollution of

some kind there.

Jack agreed that further soil testing will be done.

7:49 Sydney Miller, St Marks Area Main Streets and Jack Pelltier, Ashmont Cycles, spoke

about the Bike and Beer event at Peabody Square and Ashmont Grill being planned for

September 17. (Rain date the following Thursday).

They are awaiting permits. Parking will be behind Ashmont Grill and at the Bike Cage at

Ashmont. Councilor Baker endorsed the event and offered to assist in permitting.

VOTE: Members 22 Yea, 0 Nay. Nonmembers 48 Yea, 0 Nay.

8:06 73 77 Dix Street, Two buildings @ 16 units total (Attorney James Rudser)

Recap of the project

Looking to get a feel for the neighborhood input on parking, number of unites, building height

and the design and to address the violations contained in the ZBA finding. No shadow study


Serious neighbors concerns about the lack of parking, given the existing congestion

on the street.

Concerns about the height and closeness to the street of the buildings.

People don’t feel that the project has changed to reflect the concerns of neighbors

and the ZBA.

Architect Mr. Christopher noted that there had been some adjustments to

the elevations.

● No affordable units in these buildings.

Councilor Baker asked if we had a zoning/building subcommittee that might meet regarding

this issue through the summer.

Wrapped discussion of Dix Street at 8:34 pm.

Doug introduced the electeds and/or their staff in

attendance: Electeds and Staff attending:

City Councilor Frank Baker

Amy Frigulietti from Councilor Baker’s office

Jake Bombard from Senator Forry’s office

Lorraine from Councilor Yancey’s office

Alec from the Mayor’s office of Neighborhood Services

Sydney Miller reminded everyone of the Farmer’s Market at Ashmont on Friday afternoons,

with live music and stuff for the kids.

Lorraine reminded everyone of Councilor Yancey’s annual Book Fair on July 25th.

Leslie MacWeenieDobbs asked everyone to spread the word about the Dorchester

Portraits Program and their “Opening Doors” project, accepting donations now. (Needs to

raise $3k). Senator Forry has pledged $330. It’s the 16th year of the program.

“Opening Doors” on Facebook.

Respectfully submitted,

Ken Donovan


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