June 2016 Minutes

St. Mark’s Area Civic Association


Minutes of the June 28, 2016 Meeting.


The meeting was called to order at 7:11pm. There were 36 people present.

Officer Mike Keany gave the police report for the month. He reported that a new class of recruits will be graduating from the Police Academy soon and 10 new officers will be assigned to Dorchester. He reported that the bike rodeo on June 18th was a success, with 70 kids in attendance.  

Sargent Sam Abany from the transit police spoke about the MBTA. He reported that the school year ended pretty well. He also reported that they have a new patrol plan, with expanded presence in Dorchester.

Councilor Andrea Campbell presented about her work on the City Council. She reported that the Council will vote soon on the proposed city budget. She said that she planned to vote yes on the capital and operating budgets because of investments made in District 4, but that she planned to vote no on the BPS budget because it does not do enough to invest in our schools. She is spending time over the summer knocking on doors in District 4 to explain to people what the City Council does and ask how they can be of service. She encouraged people to connect with her staff Sean (district liaison) and Leila (policy director) with questions or ideas. There were several questions related to homeless services that had been on Long Island and about the RIDE. Councilor Campbell introduced staff from Councilor Baker’s office and applauded Councilor Baker’s partnership on issues impacting Dorchester.

Mary Wood presented her plans for a neighborhood cleanup on Saturday, July 23rd from 10am-2pm and again on Saturday, October 8th from 10am-2pm. The city will drop off and pick up rakes, booms, and large bags. People interested in helping were asked to fill out a form with their interest. Mary asked for volunteers to lead street teams and well as general volunteers. Mary will serve refreshments at her house afterwards.

Tony McKernan and George Morransey presented their request for support for variances at 1664-1668 Dorchester Ave (currently the Centre Bar). They are requesting approval for four apartment units to be built on newly constructed 2nd and 3rd floors. They will all be 2 bedroom units, averaging about 930 square feet. 1 will be wheelchair accessible.  Floor plans were distributed and reviewed.  The bar will close and the liquor license sold.  There will be a commercial space on the first floor but the use has not been determined yet.  However, the owner stated that it will not involve an establishment with a liquor license (it will not be a bar). There were questions and comments about parking, the future commercial use, and access to the units. Dave Cotter was asked to address the city's position regarding parking after some members were asking the owners to explain why parking was not provided.  Dave explained that fewer people have cars in the city now than in the past and the city has been supporting lower parking requirements as a result. In the end, the members present voted 19 - 6 to support the proposal.

Hiep Le presented his request for support to build a bathroom in the basement at 10 Redwood St. The members voted to support this proposal 24 to 1. 

Dave Cotter invited SMACA members to attend Mondays with the Mayor on Monday, July 11st from 6-8pm at the Murphy School. Doors open at 5:30.

The meeting concluded at 9:00pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Maddie Ribble 

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