June 26, 2018 Meeting Minutes

St. Mark’s Area Civic Association – Minutes

Tuesday, June 26,2018 – 7:00 pm

58 people attended (by time of candidate’s forum) + 5 candidate speakers.


Police Report. C-11 police officer Mike Keaney brought and introduces Linda Stanford from the Boston drug unit. She welcomes community contact at [email protected]

Epiphany School Report. John Finley gave an update. Their expansion and building fundraising is going quite well. They are proud of their life-changing program for students. (John F is currently on sabbatical and will return to work next year.)

SMACA’s Development Committee. Motion for zoning variance for 469 Adams Street. Committee Chair Matt Glynn led a general discussion of added decks and building footprints and why committee recommends favorably.                                       Vote: 16 in favor, 0 opposed. Motion carries.

SMACA’s Development Committee. Committee Chair Matt Glynn reviewed the reasons for this new committee and described how it would stream-line simple zoning variance requests at our meetings. Discussion of the guidelines earlier distributed to the membership, bringing those who had missed the earlier discussion up to speed on these guidelines. Motion to empower SMACA Development Committee to decide any variance requests over the summer that need to be decided before our next meeting on Sept. 25 was put forward.        Vote was 16 in favor and 0 against. Motion carries.

Suffolk County DA Candidates’ Forum: Dan Conley is not running for re-election and several candidates have stepped forward. All 5 candidates participated in a well-moderated and strictly timed panel discussion of their backgrounds and platforms. Panel started on time and all were respectful of each other. They have obviously done this many times! 58 attendees, including many from neighboring associations. Several Carvalho supporters on Dorchester Ave before meeting.

District Attorney Candidates: Evandro Carvahlo, Linda Champion, Greg Henning, Shannon McCauliffe, and Rachel Rollins.  Primary election is on Tues. Sept. 4th.  


Meeting adjourned with candidates continuing individual discussions with attendees during clean-up.

Respectfully submitted,


Sydney Miller

Board Member


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