June 27, 2017 Agenda

Meeting Notice

When:   Tuesday June 27, 2017

Where:  Lower Hall St. Marks Church 1725 Dorchester Avenue

Time:    7:00 P.M. to 8:30P.M.




Police Report: C-11 Police Officer Mike Keaney will provide the police report. [15 minutes]

Tri Pham from Tri Seafood would like to expand his evening hours of operation to midnight. [10 minutes]

James Christopher (architect), Patrick Stones (owner), and Chris Drew (contractor) representing 44 Mather Street will present their revised plans for converting the house from a one-family to a two-family. [20 minutes]

44 Mather Street documents:

Zoning Review // A1 Floor Plans // A2 Floor Plans // A3 Elevation // C1 Site Use // EX1 // EX2 // EX3 // EX4 // EX5

Discussion and votes on the above two items will be taken. [20 minutes]

Gerry McCarthy of Verizon/FIOS will give an update on construction going on in the neighborhood. [10 minutes]

James Baker representing 8 Argyle Street/500 Talbot Avenue will talk about his plans that he has under agreement. There will not be a vote [15 minutes].

Bryan Bryson of the Greater Ashmont Beautification and Public Spaces Committee will present a request for the Seabreeze Mexican Restaurant’s request to create a "parklet" outside during the warm months. See the attached letter [link to PDF] for details. [10 minutes]

Closing and suggestions for future SMACA agenda items. [5 minutes]


Minutes from the previous meeting: May 30, 2017


Future meetings:

September 26

October 31

November 28

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