March 26, 2019

Present: Maddie R, Mike F, Doug S, Jim R, and Doug H absent. Camilla D, Syd M, Amy L also present.

23 attendees (15 members,8 non-members), 7 presenters / speakers.

[Martin Richard rep had family emergency and couldn’t come tonight.]

Officer Keaney:

No robberies, no car-breaks since last meeting. Warmer weather can bring more crime. Overall, crime down about 12%, on top of 7% decrease in each of previous 2 years. Keep it up! 

March 3 – 100 Florida St #8, B3 and C11 drug units found drug dealer, who lives off Seaver St. at girlfriend’s home, got gun and heroin. Arrested 42 y.o. man, found several guns and ammunition. March 6 – Melbourne / Samoset / Lonsdale. Man walking with suspected firearm. 15 y.o. from Dorchester area stopped with 9mm firearm and 15 rounds ammunition. March 10, at 1 pm – 1855 Dorchester Ave. Home invasion. 2 males pushed into apartment, took $80 from someone’s wallet. Some punches thrown.

Representative Dan Hunt:

State Rep for much of SMACA and surrounding area, was elected 5 years ago. Grew up in St Ann’s and lives on Pierce Ave now. Erin, his one aide, can’t attend all SMACA meetings.

Consumer Affairs, professional licensure, Ways & Means, internal committee on rules. Looking at casinos (Springfield, Fall River).  Slots earn less $ than expected. Encore hotel more for entertainment. Criminal justice - expediting expungement of records. Pregnant worker protection, free credit reports, gun control - mental health checks, no bump stocks. Opiode bills – fentanyl, narcam. Automatic voter registration. Upcoming: Housing bills, Mayor’s resiliency plans for low-lying areas like Morrissey Blvd, DCR and City, Moakley Park, Tenean, PJP, Neponset Beaches. Morrissey needs rework/ widening, 5000 cars at rush hour. $50 million project. Bike path with 2 or 3 lanes. Home rule for Boston’s 25 mph limit as base, perhaps go to 20 mph. Public Transit! Need more traffic stops on Dorchester Ave., working with Nick Collins on overtime bill for traffic stops.

1854 Dorchester Ave. / Corner of Wrentham St., Variance:

2 abutters’ meetings, multi-family mixed use with parking. 9 units and 9 (up from 5) parking spaces. Close to property line in back, has set-backs, no green space. 1-br and 2-br apartments. T-pass for all leased occupants. Bike room. 550 sf retail. Market-rate units with no affordable units. Shadow study.

Requesting 4.5-foot height variance. [Presenters leave room. SMACA Development Comm. continues:]

Slightly less dense than units at church, slightly denser than units on Welles Ave. Responded to requests for more parking, T pass, bike storage. Communicated with abutters. Expanded distance from 5’ to 10’ to immediate neighbor. Mike Folan - flyers to abutters and none came to this meeting, must be happy.

Development Comm would like more green space, but in favor of zoning variance, recommends project. Height and density. Members’ votes: 14 in favor, 2 opposed, others abstained.

Amy Linne, SMACA Beautification and Plantings:

Cleanups at Shawmut Gardens on the First Saturday of each month, starting in April.

Love Your Block (formerly Boston Shines)



SMACA Board Nominations:

SMACA Board Officer elections at April meeting. SMACA paid members elect the officers and the officers appoint Board Members as useful and desirable.  Some current officers are running for re-election, others stepping down.

  • President: Doug Hurley – puts name forward for re-election.
  • 2 Vice Presidents: Mike Folan – running again

                                    Maddie Ribble – stepping down. Laurie Martinelli nominates herself.

  • Secretary: Doug Shaheen – stepping down, after 10 years. Eugenia Soiles nominated (in absentia, confirmed her interest by email next day).
  • Treasurer: Jim Rodenmacher – staying on.

5 other Board Members do not require re-election. Several interested in continuing to serve. Willing to support secretary responsibilities, if useful.



Mothers’ Day Walk for Peace, May 12

Street cleaning starts up in April. Can sign up for email reminders to avoid tickets.

Illegally parked cars overnight – call 311, can get ticket.

Councilor Matt O’Malley – commercial and high-end vacant properties.

Julie Ryan for Councilor Frank Baker’s office – budget season, street repairs.

Patrick from Mayor Marty Walsh’s office – home rule and inclusionary development process, senior home repair program.

CJ Lewis from Councilor Andrea Campbell’s office – Vacant properties hearing, transfer fees.

It is membership renewal time and SMACA Board officer elections next month. Only active paid members will be eligible to vote.


Respectfully submitted,


Sydney Miller

Board Member

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