March 27, 2018 Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the March 27, 2018 Meeting
The meeting was called to order at 7:10 PM. There were 37 souls present.

C11’s new captain Steve McLoughlin introduced himself to the group. Officer Mike Keaney gave his police report. A person from Randolph was arrested near the Epiphany School for an incident. The Drug Control Unit arrested two people, one from the South Shore, the other one local. Mike said again (and again) that people should be aware of their surroundings – wearing earphones isolates people from what’s happening around them. Also, people having Amazon packages delivered should make arrangements for delivery if they’re not going to be at home.

Charles Hollins and Vinnette Mckay spoke about the Mother’s Day Walk and the Peace Institute, since the original presenters were unable to attend. They mentioned programs such as holistic workshops, grief sessions, programs for families of incarcerated people, and another program called, “Men-We Grieve Too”.

Charles and Vinnette then spoke about senior services in Dorchester. Some services have moved to 645 Washington Street in Codman Square. Their services include minority outreach, language services, and elderly substance abuse. The Transitions Group that was on Victory Road has now moved to Melnea Cass Blvd. Here people have access to employment information cooking classes, housing information, landlord mediation, and socialization skills. At Transitions people are connected to resources through the library.

Vice President Maddie Ribble lead the discussion on the development guidelines proposed by the Executive Board to aid in working with neighbors who would like to make changes and remodel their homes and developers who would like to build in the neighborhood. The guidelines are based on those put together by the Savin Hill and Melville Park Civic Associations. People made suggestions and comments and they were taken into consideration in the final version, which will be voted on at the April meeting. At that point a Development Committee will be formed. The goal is to have our committee work with Melville Park and other abutting civic associations to have an orderly flow of development in the neighborhoods.

Per our bylaws, nominations were made for officers who will be elected at the April meeting. Board Member Jacquie Bishop opened the floor for nominations. The following were nominated: For President – Doug Hurley; for Vice President (2 slots) – Maddie Ribble, Mike Folan, and Bryan Bryson; for Treasurer – Jim Rodenmacher; and for Secretary – Douglas Shaheen. [Note: Maddie Ribble subsequently withdrew his name; so that there wouldn’t need to be a secret ballot vote]. Many names were suggested for the Executive Board which is not elected, but appointed by the elected officers. Those names are: Amy Linne, Jacquie Bishop, Sydney Miller, Camilla Duffy, and Rachel Fagan.

The announcements included the One Boston (formerly known as Boston Shines) cleanup. Mike Wilson of Crawford Drugstore will be in charge of the event.

The meeting ended at 8:40.

Respectfully submitted,


Douglas Shaheen
Secretary, SMACA

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