March 30, 2021 Minutes

SMACA Meeting
March 30, 2021
Via Zoom
ATTENDEES: 35 attendees; 22 members plus possibly 2 more
Minutes: Laurie Martinelli
Welcome and Zoom instructions by Doug Hurley!

Welcome and Zoom instructions by Doug Hurley!
1. Police report: Officer Mike Keaney reported it was incredibly quiet last month. Only a couple
things happened in our neighborhood:
• Gunshots fired at midnight on 2/23 at 67 Center Street;
• 3/28 at 10pm: 2 cars engaged in road rage and 23 yr old operator arrested – he was
unlicensed and had a weapon.
There was a question about whether there have been any reported acts of anti-Asian violence.
2. Elected Officials:
a. Councilor Flaherty’s office (Quinn Valcich): IDP has developed an Inclusion Development Policy
for set aside for affordable units. Councilor Flaherty wants to covert affordable unit
requirement by Square footage as opposed to # of units.
CPA: Next round of funding has been approved including $3 mil for Dorchester out of $25
b. Councilor Baker’s office (Julie Ryan): Early May is “Love Your Block” campaign again this year.
3. Nominations for April, 2021:
Doug Hurley reported he will not run as President this year. Doug has a family issue that
requires him to step away from SMACA leadership. Doug will stay involved and attend
meetings when he can.
Several people offered to step up and join the board: Kelley Ready, Tenita Williams and Trish
Gallagher (who can only commit half time since Trish has another commitment the same night).
Mike Folan and Laurie Martinelli will continue as Vice-Presidents.
Doug Shaheen will be Secretary (again).
No one stepped forward to be President. The SMACA board will discuss SMACA leadership
positions at their 4/6/21 board meeting and a possible way for moving forward. These past
months have been difficult with COVID. Will SMACA be able to move forward with an
election? Is there another structure we should pursue, or should we consider disbanding as
an organization, even temporarily?4. 1644 Dorchester Ave: The owner, George LeFort and architect, Timothy Johnson presented
their proposal and request for a zoning variance to build a three- story unit building with 9 units,
a 13 car garage and side and roof decks. Existed building will be demolished.
George announced that one of the ground floor units will be “affordable and accessible,” but he
didn’t have any information on the actual sale price. George also reported there was an
abutters’ meeting on Feb.25th and everyone seemed fine with it – about 8- 10 people attended.
George then turned it over to his architect to share project plan overheads with the group on
Project will need a zoning variance because the footprint will only be within 8 feet of the
abutters property and in a few places only 2 – 3 feet. (Zoning requires a 22- foot buffer).
There was a lively discussion. General concern expressed about the size of this project – a six
unit bldg. with only 2 stories would fit much better into the neighborhood. Doug Hurley was
concerned he never received an invitation to the abutters meeting even though he lives close to
the proposed development.
Two neighbors expressed their concern – how close the development would go to their fence
and would the size of the building, including roof deck, allow new condo owners to peer into the
side deck on their neighbor’s property?
Generally, while there wasn’t outright opposition to the project, the general sentiment was it
would be better if SMACA had had more input in the proposal. Why is it being so rushed?
Doug H asked if the developer would consider holding off going to the ZBA on 4/6?
George said he’s not willing to hold up the project. He reported the units will be painted a nice
color and he plans to move forward. Owner and Architect were asked to leave the meeting so a
private discussion and vote could proceed.
Privately, people expressed serious concern about the size of the project, the bulk- head, roof
decks and the construction which will be only few feet from abutters’ property in several
5. Announcements:
• Savin Hill Civic wants all civic associations to unite against large development projects in
our neighborhood. Meetings will be held occasionally to discuss common concerns.
More information will be forthcoming to SMACA as it is developed.
• SMACA is pleased to announce we now have a Pay Pal Account so people can pay their
dues online. Stay tuned for more details.

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