May 2015 Agenda

Meeting Notice


When:   Tuesday May 26, 2015

Where:  Lower Hall St. Marks Church 1725 Dorchester Avenue

Time:    7:00 P.M. to 8:30P.M.






Police Report

C-11 Police Officer Mike Keaney will provide the police report.

President Doug Hurley will read a request from Gretchen Geary regarding volunteers for Dorchester Day festivities.

John Fitzgerald from the BRA will give a presentation about Boston’s

hosting the Olympics.

City Councilor Charles Yancy:  will present updates on what is going on at City Hall for District.

Anthony Stankiewicz, Esq. will give a presentation on the Odwin Learning Center property. [Tentative]

A Thank You to Fr. Dan Finn for all his years of community service to the Saint Mark’s area and other parts of Dorchester.


Future meetings:

June  30:  

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St. Marks Area Civic Association
The St. Marks Area Civic Association is a group of community conscious residents who want to improve the quality of life in our section of Dorchester. We meet in the lower hall of St, Marks Church, at 1725 Dorchester Ave on the last Tuesday of each month