May 29, 2018 Agenda

Meeting Notice

When: Tuesday May 29, 2018
Where: Lower Hall St. Marks Church 1725 Dorchester Avenue
Time: 7:00 P.M. to 8:30P.M.



Police Report
C-11 Police Officer Mike Keaney will provide the police report. [15 minutes]

Jelani Haynes from the Boston Public Schools Office of Engagement will talk about BPS outreach to the community. [15 Minutes]

Anita Christon of Homeworks Health Program will talk about the program. [15 minutes]

Peggy Quach of 93 King Street will her request to install back decking floor with same size as existing first floor 18’ x 8’4” [15 minutes] Available on Website: 1) Architect Plans #1 2) Architect Plans #2
3) Architect Plans #3 4) Architect Plans #4 5) Refusal Letter

Election of Maddie Ribble for the 2018-2019 Vice President slot. [2 minutes].

Vice President Maddie Ribble give an update on what is happening with the Glovers Corner project. [5 minutes]

Announcements [5 minutes]

Future meetings:

June 25
September 25
October 30
November 27

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St. Marks Area Civic Association
The St. Marks Area Civic Association is a group of community conscious residents who want to improve the quality of life in our section of Dorchester. We meet in the lower hall of St, Marks Church, at 1725 Dorchester Ave on the last Tuesday of each month