November 2016 Meeting Minutes

St. Mark’s Area Civic Association

Minutes of the November 29, 2016 Meeting.

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM.  There were 48 souls present.

Captain Connolly and Sgt. Burns talked about new cadet classes.  One-third of the graduates eventually move up to police officer level.  Mike Keaney talked about two robberies at O’Brien’s Market within the last month and also give a rundown of other crimes in the area.  In addition Mike talked about the C-11 holiday party for the neighborhood kids that will be taking place on December 16th.  The party is geared to kids 0-12 years old and invited by invitation in order to keep the party for kids in the C-11 District.  Mike thanked those who brought gifts to the meeting for him to take to the party.  Others who would like to donate cash or unwrapped gifts may bring them to the C-11 station on Gibson Street.  People who would like to help wrap gifts on the 12th may contact Mike at 617-343-4524 for time and directions.


Sgt. Colombo from the MBTA reported that there were two robberies recently at the Ashmont T Station.  He noted that Shawmut and Fields Corner stations have been mostly quiet.


Harry Fitzpatrick from Fitzpatrick Brothers on Center Street spoke briefly about his family business that has been in existence since the late 1800’s.  He said it’s time to retire and sold the property to Jim Keefe, President of Trinity Financial Services.  At that point he introduces Jim who in turned introduced Matt Zeller and Chris Stanley from Trinity.  Jim talked about Trinity’s work with the Carruth and Ashmont Tire projects near Ashmont Station.  He then launched into an overview of what he hopes to develop on the Fitzpatrick property.  Jim stressed that this is the “beginning of the beginning of a dialogue” with the neighbors and others interested parties.  They plan to have 60-80 units, both rental and condos with parking for about 60, mostly underground.  The building would be 5 stories.  They just started the environmental studies; so Jim is unable to offer more detailed information.  He was asked by one of the members to be mindful of affordability in order for current neighbors not to be priced out of the area.  Jim added that they would like to “program the tunnel cap”, making it appealing.  He also said that Trinity would have to own the rental units for 15 years; so they would be active participants in maintaining the development.  Matt added that Trinity going to set up a website with updated information and where people could post comments.  Once the website it set up, the link will be sent to the civic association to pass on to its members.


Tri Pham and his lawyer Carolyn from Adams and Morancy presented Tri’s request to extend his operating hours to serve beer and wine from 11:00 PM to midnight.  There was some concern by some members about violations that have taken place, one of which has yet to be heard by the Zoning Board as well as the fact that he came before the association in February asking for a beer and wine license, stating that he would not be open after 10:00.  Tri stressed that he lives on Dix Street; so he is close to the restaurant and would observe the closing time.  After discussion, it was decided to have Tri wait a few months before coming back to the association to request the extension.


Mai Phung said that the owners of 11 Lafield Street are still preparing the answers to the questions asked at the October meeting; so would not be present tonight.


Mai then continues with Vy Li to get a variance for 1632 Dorchester Avenue to change the occupancy from a funeral home to a two-family swelling by doing renovations on the first floor only.  After the presentation and a question/answer period, it was voted to support the variance.


The meeting ended at 8:35.

Respectfully submitted,

Douglas Shaheen

Secretary, SMACA

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