November 24, 2020

November 24, 2020
Via Zoom
Minutes: Laurie Marinelli
Attendees: 14 people including guest speakers
Welcome: Doug Hurley, President
1. Officer Mike Keaney reported on crime in the area during month of November: There were a couple robberies and some gang related activity at Wainwright Park. Police collected several weapons.

1. Officer Mike Keaney reported on crime in the area during month of November: There were a couple robberies and some gang related activity at Wainwright Park. Police collected several weapons.
C-11 is accepting gifts for their annual Christmas gifts but no party due to COVID. Gifts will be accepted thru Dec. 18th; please bring your gift(s) to C-11, 40 Gibson Street. Police need gifts for pre-teens (ages 9 -12) and babies/toddlers (0 – 3 yrs).
2. MBTA Community Outreach Team to discuss Forging Ahead proposal to cut service, Makayla Comas reviewed the proposal on behalf of the MBTA. A summary of proposed cuts:
• Pre-COVID MBTA passengers = 1.3 million people per day;
• Currently with COVID: 330,000 per day including seniors, people with disabilities, and essential workers.
• With far fewer riders, MBTA is projecting a $579 million budget gap for next year.
• MBTA Forging Ahead proposes the following cuts:
• 15% cut to buses;
• 30% cut to MBTA;
• 35% cut to commuter rail;
• 100% cut to ferry services from S. Shore to Boston (total elimination);
• Fairmont Service eliminated on weekends; replaced by buses;
• Fairmont Services ends at 9pm on week days.
• Eliminate MBTA trains after midnight;
Proposed cuts that will specifically affect Dorchester are the elimination of Bus #18 (up and down Dot Ave) and decrease in frequency for Bus #201.
Cuts will go into effect spring/summer 2021; These proposed service cuts will be restored once state and federal funds come thru.
Public Comment period closes December 4, 2020. Send comments to MBTA Community Engagement officers: [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected].
3. Treasurer’s Report: Jim Rodenmacher: We started 2020 with $3600 balance in our account. We collected over $1000 in membership dues. Our regular bills include $29/mos for Nation Builder. SMACA will make its annual donation to the Holiday Toys put on by C-11 Police. We
also typically give $250 to Project DEEP (Dorchester Education Enrichment Program) which supports after school and summer camp programs at the Lahey Hollaran Center. The SMACA board will discuss at our Executive Committee meeting what other donations we should make, recognizing this is a difficult time for many. with food insecurity, unemployment and other challenges affecting so many of our neighbors.
4. Elected officials:
a. Julie Ryan from Councilor Baker asked if any residents have concerns about development projects in their neighborhood please contact her: [email protected]
b. Quinn Valcich from Councilor Flaherty’s office reported that project to build in the back of 81-81A Wrentham Street was withdrawn by the owner.
5. Kelley Ready, appointed to Community Advisory Committee (CAC) for Dorchester Bay City project being developed by Accordia, a minority owned business. Here’s a summary of Kelley’s report:
• Accordia has a 99 yr lease with U Mass Boston to build 155,000 sf of restaurant, retail and civic space;
• Plus 20 acres of Open Space;
• Plus 1740 housing units w a mix of affordable and market level housing;
• 75% of development is non residential – mostly Life Sciences.
• Project will get tax deferment to spur development in nearby low-income communities which has 72% diverse populations;
• Trying to avoid what happened in Seaport District – mostly white and wealthy.
Kelley expressed these concerns:
• Where are the diverse voices on the CAC?
• We need more robust community benefits.
• We need more affordable housing.
• The massive flooding due to climate change on Morrissey Blvd is a huge problem and needs to be resolved since Morrissey is a gateway to Dorchester Bay City.
6. Community Announcements:
• As stated earlier, 80A-81 Wrentham Street will go back to the drawing board, per owner.
• The proposed project for 1313 Dot Ave, 28 units has been put ON HOLD.
Happy Holidays; Stay Safe Everyone – Next meeting: Jan. 26, 2021

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