October 2016 Minutes

St. Mark’s Area Civic Association

Minutes of the October 25, 2016 Meeting.

Captain Timothy Connolly joined us to talk about C-11 and the shooting on Monday October 12 at the corner of Mather St and Dorchester Avenue.  This is an ongoing investigation.  There was much concern about the indiscriminate firing of shots.  One of those shots travelled over 1,000 feet north and the bullet hit one of the gas pumps at Eddie's (corner of Melville Ave.)  Capt Connolly also talked about problem properties, including recent activity at 1631 Dorchester Ave.  He covered the City's policies and landlord responsibilities.


Captain Connolly was followed by four variances:


1.  61 Dracut St.  Edward Vacha presented his plans for a driveway at his property.  Abutters’ meeting had already taken place and letters of support were shared.  The membership approved this request unanimously by a vote of 18 - 0.


2.  145 Wrentham St.  Proposal for construction of a building at the rear of this property was shared with the attendees.  No vote was taken on this proposal because an abutters’ meeting has not taken place.  The owners are expected to come back to the November meeting for a final proposal and membership vote.


3.  4 Lafield St.  Owners are proposing refinishing the basement and add this space to the first floor.  The abutters’ meeting was held and one neighbor attended.  There were concerns in the membership about the location and ventilation of the mechanicals in the basement.  Also access to the basement, both interior and exterior access, and whether the existing bathroom is in fact existing or not.  The membership proposed to defer the vote and invite the owner to return to the November meeting by a vote of 17 in favor of a delay and 10 against. 


4. 57 Dix St.  Owners presented the proposal to restore and expand an existing ground level space formerly used as a convenience store and create a separate rental unit.  The membership voted to approve this proposal 18 - 10.

Respectfully submitted,


Luis Jimenez

Executive Board

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