October 24, 2017 Meeting Agenda

When:   Tuesday October 24, 2017

Where:  Lower Hall St. Marks Church 1725 Dorchester Avenue

Time:    7:00 P.M. to 8:30 P.M.



Police Report

C-11 Police Officer Mike Keaney will provide the police report. [15 minutes] 

MBTA Report

Superintendent Richard Sullivan will give us some updates regarding the T.  [15 Minutes]

Bongani T. Jeranyama from the Attorney General’s Office (AGO) will talk about collaboration between the AGO and the communities we serve. [20 minutes] 

Bryan Bryson from the Greater Ashmont Main Streets (GAMS) will talk about a recent survey on street parking on Dorchester Avenue in the GAMS area.  [15 minutes]

Jacquie Bishop and Rachel Fagen will talk about the survey sent to SMACA members and neighbors [15 minutes]

Announcements [10 minutes]


Previous meeting minutes: September 26, 2017


Future meetings:

November 28

January 30

February 27

March 27

April 24

May 29

June 25

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St. Marks Area Civic Association
The St. Marks Area Civic Association is a group of community conscious residents who want to improve the quality of life in our section of Dorchester. We meet in the lower hall of St, Marks Church, at 1725 Dorchester Ave on the last Tuesday of each month