September 2014 Minutes

St. Mark’s Area Civic Association

Minutes of the September 30, 2014 Meeting

The meeting was held in the Parish hall and started at 7:05.  There were 42 souls present.

Officer Mike Keaney gave his police report.   He was not able to give the usual statistics because of the conversion to a new system. He did talk about various incidents that happened in the neighborhood.  Questions were asked about the missing “Slow, School” signs on Samoset Street.  Mike suggested having the civic association send a letter to the city requesting that the signs be replaced.

Lt. William Fleming from the MBTA spoke about crime on the T.  He noted that Shawmut station was good this past month.  He mentioned that train “surfing” is an ongoing problem.  The Youtube incident on the Orange Line the previous week brought the problem into public focus.  In terms of theft, bicycles have replaced cell phones as the item of choice.

Matt Zaher from Trinity Financial gave a presentation of their plans for the Ashmont Tire location.  He explained that Trinity Financial, who built the Carruth building at Ashmont Station, specializes in inner city construction.  The proposal is for 81 mixed-income units with mixed use:  Retail as well as residential.  It would be six floors, the top two of which would be condos.

Candace Gartley, Executive Director of the All Dorchester Sports League (ADSL),  spoke about naming the Town Field field house after long-time coach and mentor Jim Collyer and was seeking our support.  After a brief discussion, the association voted unanimously voted to support the naming. 


Jerome Smith, Chief of Civic Engagement and Neighborhood Services, spoke about his job.  Mayor Walsh elevated the position to cabinet level.  There were some questions about ISD and changes that have reently happened.  He said that the Zoning Board of Approval has split so that variances for 1 and 2 family houses are reviewed on Thursdays, while larger buildings are reviewed on Tuesdays.  He stressed that abutters’ meeting do not replace meetings with the civic associations.  Jerome said that neighborhood walks by the neighborhood liaisons (Alec Bonelli being ours) are being held.  Alec posts his schedule and anyone can follow him.


City Councilor Michelle Wu was not able to attend the meeting.

The meeting was adjourned 8:50 p.m.

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Douglas Shaheen






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