April 25, 2017 Agenda

Meeting Notice


When:   Tuesday April 25, 2017

Where:  Lower Hall St. Marks Church 1725 Dorchester Avenue

Time:    7:00 P.M. to 8:30P.M.






Police Report

C-11 Police Officer Mike Keaney will provide the police report.


Aisha Johnson from Inspectional Services (ISD) will talk ISD, how it works, and how ISD can work with us to resolve problems with development and with violations on existing properties.


Mai Phung representing 11 Lafield Street will present a request for a variance to renovate an existing basement and convert into additional living space for unit #1.  And external rear staircase from second floor to ground level as new second means of agress for unit #2 and #3 as per plans.  See website for plans.

Proposed Basement    Site Plan with Deck  Refusal Letter


Christopher and Michelle Flowers Mitchell of 110 Lonsdale St. will present their request for a zoning variance for new heating, electrical work to be done on 1st and 2nd floor, remove low [load?] bearing walls, new bathroom, new kitchens, and extend living space into basement as per plans.  See website for plans.

 110_Lonsdale_St__Proposed_Renovation_1.pdf    110_Lonsdale_St__Proposed_Renovation_2.pdf

110_Lonsdale_St__Proposed_Renovation_3.pdf          110_Lonsdale_St__Proposed_Renovation_4.pdf   



Election of Officers for 2017-2018 nominated at the March meeting.  President:  Doug Hurley, Vice Presidents:  Maddie Ribble and Mike Folan, Treasurer:  Jim Rodenmacher, Secretary:  Douglas Shaheen.



Future meetings:


May 30

June 27

September 26

October 31

November 28


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