Zoning Variances



The St. Marks Area Civic Association is committed to working cooperatively with housing development proponents in our neighborhood.  We are also determined to maintain the structural integrity of our community and protect the property interests of our neighbors.  In order for the association to thoroughly evaluate your proposal, we ask that you first:

  • Obtain your Zoning Code Refusal Notice from the Inspectional Services Department.
  • Notify the Mayor’s Neighborhood Liaison David Cotter so that he may set up an abutter’s meeting.

  • Attend the abutters’ meeting and make notes of any abutter’s concerns.

Then we ask that you present the following information to the Association:

  • Architectural plans that provide external specifications including widths, elevations, total square footage and exterior architectural renderings.
  • A site survey plan that shows property lines, the location of the proposed development on the site, property line setbacks and any existing structures including houses, sheds and garages.
  • Any proposed demolition plans of existing structures.
  • Any environmental remediation plans if necessary.
  • Parking plans including number of off-street parking spaces per proposed unit and the proposed location of those parking spaces. 
  • Square footage of each proposed unit and number of bedrooms per unit.
  • A list of any abutter concerns from the abutters’ meeting [remove that you are aware of] and your proposal to address those concerns.
  • A list of violations cited in your Zoning Code Refusal notice and your plan to address each one.

We strongly suggest that you meet all of the above criteria that pertain to your proposal before you contact the Association to set up a meeting.  If there are specific problems or issues with your proposal that you feel are unique, please contact us.  We may require a site visit.  After our initial meeting, there may still be concerns or unresolved problems or issues.  This could result in a subsequent meeting before the Association makes a recommendation.  Lastly, we request that you personally attend any open meeting of the Association on your proposal and address any questions or concerns of our members.   Contact us via email at smacadot@msn.com .






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