February 2015 Minutes

St. Mark’s Area Civic Association 

Minutes of the February 23, 2015 Meeting

The meeting was called to order began at 7:06.


Officer Mike Keaney gave his police report.   The C-11 holiday party on December 19 was a great success and the kids had a blast.  In terms of crime, he said that the snow is a silver lining, because C-11 crime was done 55%.  He left brochures for those who are interested in taking the civil service exam on April 25 at the Convention Center.  The criterion is that the person must be a citizen of Massachusetts, have a high school diploma, and have no arrest record or drug or /felony convictions.  There is a $100 fee.  Officer Keaney gave an abbreviated report for the last two months.

John Findlay from the Epiphany School gave an update on the addition to their building on Centre Street. The goal is $25 million, $11 of which is for the addition.  Construction may begin in September of this year and hopefully be completed in September of 2016.

Jenny Ton did not show up at the meeting.

A member asked Charles Yancey’s representative for his phone number.  His office number is 617-635-3131.

Respectfully submitted,

Jim Rodenmacher

Vice President

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