February 28, 2017 Minutes

St. Mark’s Area Civic Association

Minutes of the February 28, 2017 Meeting.

The meeting was called to order at 7:03 PM.  There were 48 souls present.

Officer Mike Keaney gave his monthly report on incidents in the area.  Once again he reminded people not to start their cars to warm them up and then leave them unattended.  He mentioned that the annual Bike Rodeo will be taking place late in the spring.


Josh Wilson from Greater Ashmont Main Streets (GAMS) spoke about some of their initiatives.  The Farmers’ Market is looking for vendors and is posting on Facebook, Twitter, and the website.  GAMS is looking for volunteers. Another plan is to put together a neighborhood directory.  Josh suggested that people to go the GAMS website GreaterAshmont.org for details. 


George Morancy and Jim McClure representing 35 Melbourne Street presented their request to remove the roof and put on a third floor addition.  It is already a four-family house, they would like to add another floor and increase the bedrooms from 4 to 8.  No additional parking is being offered.  After the question and answer period and discussion a vote was taken to support the request with a vote of 24 yes and 1 no.


Steve Connelly, Kevin Cloutier, and Cheryl Tougias provided information on the project to develop the Connelly building at 1857-1859 Dorchester Avenue. They propose to construct a five-story, mixed-use development totaling approximately 26, 896 square feet.  The proposed project consists of twenty (20) rental units including three (3) IDP Units and two (2) commercial/retail spaces.  In addition, the development will have at-grade, off street parking for up to twenty-four (24) spaces.  This presentation was informational only. 


Patrick Stones (owner) and James Christopher (architect) Chris Drew (contractor) of 44 Mather Street presented their request to change occupancy of existing single family to a three-family, to square up and change 3rd floor from pitched roof to a flat room for third floor to have the same footprint as floors below.  They also want to add stairs up to new roof deck for 3rd floor unit only.  The building will be fully sprinkled.  People expressed concern about the lack of parking, which lead to a discussion about Transit Oriented Development (TOD).  Jim said they may offer to have bike storage in the basement and could look into paving the yard for parking.  The building would be condos.  After the question and answer period and discussion a vote was taken to support the request with a vote of 16 yes and 4 no.


The meeting ended at 8:40.

Respectfully submitted,

Douglas Shaheen

Secretary, SMACA

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