February 28, 2019

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM.

SMACA Notes from Feb 28, 2019

Police Report – Michael Keaney, Brian Dunford, Capt. McLaughlin:

Cameras in area of 445 Adams assisted police after someone had beaten and robbed a 71-yo man, who lost his wallet and suffered facial injuries. Tips and camera footage helped identify a 15yo from outside Dorchester. Charged with unarmed robbery.  Clementine Park, two 15-17yo people were robbed at knife point near Epiphany School. 2 cell phones stolen. 3/19: At Center and Dorchester ave, man arrested for possession of 2 bags of heroin. 3/21: 3:30 p, at 15 Penhallow. 35 yo man in Comcast hat was spotted looking under grill (for hidden key?). Said he was checking wires, person called police. A few days later, Amazon delivery was stolen from same area. 55-60 yo, stolen package, confronted (?). Advice: have neighbors collect your packages. Savin Hill area has had package stolen. Our area is pretty good, low crime. Added home cameras, MBTA are helping police to catch people. Search warrant issued for Salisbury Park, dead end street off of Park and Adams near District 11. Guy selling drugs there and Codman Square. 250 Park Street – arrested there. Found 3 guns and a lot of fentanyl. Got him off the street. Drug unit did a great job. ATF Fed government worked on this. Cameras on houses – you can let police know if you install these (voluntary!). This can help them to catch people.


Age Strong Commission, Boston – new SMACA member Eugenia Soiles. (many handouts available)

‘Age Strong’ is new name from Mayor Walsh for elderly commission for the city. Eugenia is here to talk about 3 big programs: 1) Tax break credit for over 65 yo making less than $55,000 per year. Can get a refund from the city, esp if they live outside of subsidized housing. Can be working or on social security. 2) Free tax help. Can apply for this for 2018, 2017, 2016. Most people are not applying for this help. 3) To reduce property tax bill, can volunteer in a city program for 100 hours to get money off your taxes. Example: Retired graphic artists can help with logo. Senior abatement, in addition to residential exemptions. Can get 30% off of water bill if over 65 yo. No income limits and very easy to fill out these forms. Also fuel assistance. Eugenia’s office can help people to complete this paperwork.

Age Strong commission has over 200 events each year, from arts to exercise. Sometimes they receive last-minute tickets for theater and music performances. (Give Eugenia your email to receive this info). Tickets through UMass Olli program.


Beautification Projects for SMACA - Amy Linne

Tunnel cap plantings, esp near Shawmut station. ‘Shawmut Gardens’ tunnel cap from Centre Ave to Melbourne Ave., includes Murphy Park at the corner. Need volunteers from May to November, 1st Saturday of each month. Tree-planting opportunities. City can plant trees anywhere on sidewalks or near sidewalks, if they are too narrow, on private property (if desired). Love Your Block program (formerly Boston Shines). Watch for deadlines for online applications for $500 to up to $3,000 grants for projects. Community Preservation Act. For a park, community effort, existing and new projects, cleanups.

Discussion with Attendees about what is wanted in SMACA.

Respectfully submitted,

Sydney Miller

SMACA Board Member

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