May 30, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the May 30, 2017 Meeting.

The meeting was called to order at 7:04 PM. There were 35 people present as the meeting progressed. Reps from Councilors Campbell, Essaibi-George, and Baker.

Police Report – Officer Mike Keaney on vacation with family.

General Police Report: (Captain Connolly) We’ve had a few bad nights and police are starting summer initiative to curb violent crime. Multiple commercial robberies, esp at 558 Washington St., hit several times. Arrested a crew of 3 people. Flyered locally.

Good police work. Less crime in Dorchester than a few years ago, in general. Could always used more help from local people.

Town Field and Ronan Park – want less crime / less drinking to be more community friendly. Working with Councilors Baker and Campbell. St Marks neighborhood is the line where things happen. Need more drug treatment options. Increasing use of cameras is helpful. Camera costs are down and may lead to an insurance break on your property. Loud parties – Call after 11pm, unless it’s very loud earlier.

Local Police Report: (Officer Lenny Lilly)

June 10 – Bike Rodeo for kids. July 26 – Morning Coffee at Adams Village, next to Blasis, 9:00 – 10:00 am.

4/30 – 334 Center – Shots fired. Got shell casing with thumbprint. 5/13 – 2 stolen cars at night. Stolen from driveway, 4 Nixon St.. 5/20 – 24 Center St, several loud party calls. Very loud several times a year. Kid walking home confronted by group of 3. 5/18 – 112 Welles Ave. Stopped for driving infractions. Had drugs (Oxycontin and Percocets) in car.

"Pretty great month." A lot of accidents. Many domestic calls (33% are domestic violence calls, as always.) Secure your windows, esp if propped open for AC. Don’t leave valuables sitting out where they can tempt break-ins.

Verizon and Comcast: (Stephanie and a second representative) FIOS and 'fiber products' now in the neighborhood. Some parking problems and need access to manholes, lots of digging. Watch for leaflets in your neighborhood, move cars if 'no parking' signs appear. Please be patient and call with any concerns or problems. Contact local city councilor. (Verizon truck blocked hydrant by Crawford Drug. Please avoid this!) 3,000 new homes in last month. 30-90 days for many local addresses in St Marks. Larger apartment buildings and BHA properties may take longer, due to needing permissions from property managers. "Once they’re digging, FIOS isn’t far behind."

Crawford Drugs – (Mike Wilson) Mike took over family business from his father. Recently bought building. Installed nicer grates (necessary security for pharmacy), will do new signage. May add mural facing St. Mark’s church. Dot2Dot making decision about staying. Yuri wants bookstore space. Barber shop has lease to 2020.

Resonant Solar - (Becky Wasserman). Codman Square Second Church added solar panels on roof. ‘No money down’ deals require great credit and long contracts. On a newish roof can install and rent out power surplus to community-based developer. Coalition of non-profits. 20-year rental agreement to place on your roof (legal contract).

Local History – (Barbara Bean) Judge Paul Murphy garden at Center and Clementine. Near Shawmut Gardens. Volunteers for gardening and cleanup each first Saturday, 9:00 – 11:00 am. Plant donations. Snowstorm damaged the plants and fence. Need to fix fence. Whose property. ‘[email protected]’ for more info. No water source. Will reach out to city for repairs and water. Cedar Grove for plant donations. Or from local residents’ gardens.


10 Lafield St. Foster Bates. Curb cut request for 6-10 Lafield. 4 cars on each side for residents and their guests. 2 3-family houses. Already dealt with easements. Abutters’ meeting – only 1 person attended and he agreed. Creates moreparking on Street. Motion to support curb cut for 8 parking spaces. Vote: 22 Yes, 0 No. Motion carries unanimously.

Eddy’s Gas Station. Robert Eddy and wife. Wants to add 24’ x 48’ canopy over gas pumps with lighting. Protection in inclement weather. Held abutters’ meeting. Added convex mirror for better sightlines. Added long-term tenant for repairs. Added good quality surveillance cameras. Motion to support canopy addition. 22 yes. 0 no. Motion carries unanimously.

The meeting ended at 8:34.

Respectfully submitted,

Sydney Miller, Sitting in for Secretary, SMACA

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